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A service committed to helping your business grow, from your hidden assets to the exploitation of your best opportunities.

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Entrepreneurial growth with EMPRESS

A growth strategy can be challenging to develop when you look at your company from the inside. We can help you understand and identify the hidden assets of your company, analyse the opportunities that emerge from them and support the commercialisation process of the best hidden opportunities. 

We provide tailored solutions to micro, small or medium-sized enterprises. Our flexible methodology Hidden Opportunities Accelerator™  supports top management teams when developing innovative and entrepreneurial growth strategies by helping them identify and accelerate hidden opportunities. 

Type of opportunities that can emerge from your hidden assets that EMPRESS can help accelerate: 


New products

New services

Process improvements

Joint ventures


EMPRESS is a partnership run by managers and engineers. We have more than 40 years of expertise in consultancy, coaching and training. We know what it takes to help you being entrepreneurial, become innovative. We are based in Nottingham, United Kingdom. Our Director, Elizabeth Kim, will be available to meet with you should you want us to design a fast growth strategy for your company or just to advise you on your hidden assets.

Documentary monitoring.
Identification of your company hidden assets.
Business opportunities analysis.
Exploitation of best opportunities

What we do

Hidden Opportunities Accelerator™  is a tailored and flexible methodology that we designed to help companies to grow. We offer you full support in four stages, however, you can choose one (S1, S2 or S3), two (S1 and S2, or S2 and S3) or three stages (S1, S2 and S3), if you prefer. 

Stage 0

Documentary monitoring.

Stage 1

Identification of your company hidden assets.

Stage 2

Business opportunities analysis.

Stage 3

Exploitation of best opportunities

We are happy to have a chat in the first meeting to explain you more about how we work, know more about your company, listen to your growth aims and answer any questions you may have. If you are keen to grow and ready for this chat, please book our first meeting by completing the contact us form.

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